High Moon Finland Inc.
ICT Solutions and Services



Providing value and business growth to our customers

Our expertise is to provide a low barrier for startups to enter the EU market or existing companies to expand their business with new products, services and business models.

Our services range from small projects like translation services to larger marketing and sales development and Go-To-Market programs.

We have a world-wide network of partner companies and experts in various high-technology segments to help your business and future plans with up-to-date knowledge on various business, products and technologies.

Custom Software Development as a Service (ODC)

We also offer customer specific world class software development. Our Offshore Development Center (ODC) is located in Bangalore, India.

Project management is always local and each customer has their own dedicated account manager to guarantee the success of each software development project.

We cover multi-platform, multi-ecosystem, with expertise in architecture, product management, user experience, applications and quality.

Our deep and wide capabilities in mobile, web and cloud computing, coupled with innovative thinking and operational efficiency, provide excellent experience at an affordable price point.

Mobile applications, E2E solutions, dedicated R&D capabilities and niche skills are samples of our ODC offerings.